The Laundromat on 31st May 2017 2mce-fm 92.3/94.7khz
8:00 – 10:00 (NSW EST)

Candy & A Currant Bun - Pink Floyd
He's Guilty (Send That Boy To Jail) - Bruce Springsteen & ?

Judas PriestChicago 1981

Solar Angels
Heading Out To The Highway
Diamonds & Rust
Breaking The Law
Beyond The Realms Of Death
Hot Rockin'
You Don't Have To Be Old To Be Wise
Victim of Changes
The Green Manalishi
Hell Bent For Leather
Living After Midnight

I'll Never Know - Benny Hill

Surfin' (previously unreleased) - The Beach Boys
Cotton Mouth – The Doobie Brothers
Mr. Richland's Favourite Song- Nilsson

The Goons – Queen Anne's Rain

Grasshopper- The Mamas & Papas 
Work 'n' Play - The Zombies
Glitter & Gold - The Turtles

All Night Long - Muddy Waters
Mr. Commissioner - Arbee Stidham
Getting Old & Grey - Howlin'Wolf
Walkin' The Boogie - John Lee Hooker

The Overdraft - Warren Zevon
Berry Rides Again - Steppenwolf
Golden Antennae – Wallenstein

House 1 - King Crimson
Love Song – Syd Barrett

The Boy – Jack Bruce


  1. Thank you for your blog, good sir... always good to hear your great program, when I can. Thanks :)


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